MRSOOL for Business

We offer you access to millions of customers and a battle hardened infrastructure that takes care of the entire process for you; from displaying your product up until it gets delivered to your customer's doorsteps.

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Get More Exposure

By connecting with Mrsool you will get closer to millions of customers. When you directly integrate with us we will be able to show your business to the right people at the right time.


All Your Great Products

Show your products in an organized menu experience that help people discover and explore your products. With the menu information directly provided by you, you will be able to guide people in exploring your menu the way you want.


Show, don’t tell

Photos are a well proven way to drive more sales. With the integration you will be able to show photos of all your products with ease and bring in more business.

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What about support?

You will have a dedicated Account Manager from Mrsool who you can reach at anytime and through any channel you prefer; like Email, Phone, Whatsapp etc.

What about cancelation?

We would not be happy to see you leave, but we understand that sometimes things don’t work out. You can request to cancel your account at anytime, after which we will start the process of closing your account and any pending issues associated with it if any.

What are the requirements?

You are only required to provide an Android smart phone/tablet in each branch. A PC or a Laptop will work too. Then you are good to go.